Rules and Regulations

1. All teams will be provided with balls, bats and score sheets. Players must use only bats that are provided by the tournament convenors.

2. Each team must have a minimum of 10 players. There is to be a minimum of 4 girls on the field at all times.

3. Game times are 7 innings or 1 hour; no new innings starting after 15 minutes with the exception of finals.

4. Be at your field, ready to play 15 minutes prior to your start time or the opposing team may be awarded the home team advantage.

5. Home team is determined by coin flip.

6. Home team is responsible for keeping the official score, having opposing team sign off on score sheet, as well as submitting score sheets to the registration table after their game.

7. NO alcohol will be permitted on the playing field, in the dugouts or outside of the designated areas. Any infraction of this rule could result in fines.

8. Runs scored will be limited to 5 runs per inning, with exception of the last inning (open inning).

9. No sliding or lead offs permitted.

10. Pitching Policy: Five Pitch to your own. Pitches must be a minimum of 6’ and a maximum of 12’.

11. No bunting is permitted.

12. Infield Fly applies: if an infield fly occurs the batter is out, if runners on first and second with less than two out

13. 3 Courtesy runners allowed per game. Male for male, female for female. Batter must at least get to 1st base.

14. Batting order must alternate between male/female.

15. These are highlights and special tournament rules. If not listed above General Slo Pitch Rules apply.

16. The tournament committee reserves the right to amend the tournament as necessary due to errors, omissions or other unforeseen circumstances.

17. No Refunds

Thank you for helping us give back to our community. All profits raised from this event go towards _____. This is a tournament for charity and is meant to be fun! Play fair!


1st Place – $300.00 + Sponsor Prize Packs
2nd Place – Sponsor Prize Packs